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Flounder Bay Yacht Club 2017 Policy Statement

Organization: The Flounder Bay Yacht Club is an auxiliary of the Skyline Marine Condominium Association, Division 18 (SMCA #18) and shall be governed by their bylaws. SMCA #18 has authority over FBYC and the final say on all matters, as they represent the owners. Every boat moored in SMCA #18 is required to have liability insurance. It is the responsibility of the owner of the moorage to notify the tenant of this requirement.

Annual Meeting: The FBYC Annual Meeting and Election of Officers shall be held in October at a time and place designated by FBYC’s Bridge members.

Elections: Elections and all other voting must be done in person at a meeting of FBYC. There shall be no proxies. There shall be one vote per membership.

Officers’ Flag Procedure: All club officers (Bridge members) will be presented with a new burgee as they enter office. Upon completion of their term in office, they will be entitled to keep the burgee as a token of appreciation for their service.

Changing of Office: Upon voter approval of the incoming Bridge, the duly elected new officers will replace the outgoing officers. The outgoing Commodore will present the new Bridge with their flags. The outgoing Commodore will also present the vacating officers with the flags they used during their term in office.

Rules of Order: Where not specifically governed by the provisions of these policies and/or the By-Laws of SMCA #18, Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall apply to the conduct of FBYC meetings.

FBYC Bridge

Bridge: FBYC’s Bridge shall be the governing body of the yacht club and shall exercise all powers of the yacht club. There will be ten officers, which shall include the five flag officers: Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Fleet Captain, and Immediate Past Commodore, plus five others consisting of the Secretary, Membership Director, Treasurer, and two Directors at Large, one of which will serve as SMCA #18’s Liaison Officer. (A minimum of one Director shall be drawn from the Board of SMCA #18.)

Duties of Officers

Commodore: The Commodore’s responsibilities are to be sure all Bridge Officers perform their required functions and the club operates to its full potential, thus permitting the members to enjoy themselves and get a true value for their boating efforts in the club. The Commodore shall be the coordinator and mentor of all club activities. The Commodore shall send a welcome letter to the new members, an e-mail to FBYC membership, and will contact the new members to invite them to the club’s next monthly potluck. The Commodore shall set meeting dates and times, chair all meetings of the General Membership and Bridge, shall appoint all committees and be an ex-officio member of all committees. The Commodore shall enforce the Articles, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of the Club and SMCA #18. The Commodore shall exercise general supervision over all social affairs of the Club and perform such other duties as may be required. The Commodore’s term is one year as the head of the Bridge, and one year as Past Commodore.

Vice Commodore: It shall be the duty of the Vice Commodore to assist the Commodore in the discharging of the duties of that office. The Vice Commodore shall be responsible for the shore-based social activities of the club. During the months when we have a potluck (the second Sunday of the month, unless otherwise designated), the Vice Commodore shall send a reminder by e-mail to the membership giving date, time and host. The shore-side social activities include the Spring Social, Opening Day Deck Party, Charity Fundraiser, End of Season Party, Christmas Lights, and New Year’s Party. The Vice Commodore is in charge of these functions and shall obtain assistance as required to assure the success of these events. The Vice Commodore shall present a report of activities of the past year at the Annual Meeting

Rear Commodore: It shall be the duty of the Rear Commodore to assist the Commodore and Vice Commodore in the discharge of their duties. The Rear Commodore shall be responsible for the Reciprocal Yacht Club Program, which includes sending yearly reciprocal agreement letters to other yacht clubs. The Rear Commodore shall be responsible for collecting moorage funds from the honor box and forwarding them with explanation to the Treasurer. The Rear Commodore shall compile a yearly report of all Reciprocal Activities for the Bridge and for the Membership.

Fleet Captain: It shall be the duty of the Fleet Captain to coordinate boating activities of FBYC, including (but not restricted to) scheduled cruises and regattas. There shall be a minimum of six sponsored club cruises. The Fleet Captain shall draft a cruise schedule with a budget to be presented to the Bridge. After the cruising schedule has been approved by the Bridge, the Fleet Captain shall be the lead person to promote, advertise and organize the cruises. The Fleet Captain shall either lead or designate a Cruise Coordinator for each club cruise. The Cruise Coordinator organizes the activities, food, tables, coordination with marinas (if necessary) and maintains a list of participating FBYC boats for the cruise. The Fleet Captain is responsible for soliciting assistance for coordination and planning from other club members familiar and knowledgeable about the area for each cruise. The Fleet Captain shall present a yearly activity report for the Annual Meeting.

Secretary: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a record of all proceedings of FBYC and the Bridge. The Secretary shall email the minutes of these meetings to all club members after Bridge approval. The Secretary shall keep a file of documents, records, communications and other matters connected with Yacht Club business.

Roster: Production of the roster will no longer be one of the Secretary’s duties. It will be produced by a Bridge-appointed FBYC member, who will receive roster information from the Membership Director and develop, publish and distribute a Roster Book of the Members, including a list of the names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, slip numbers and other contact information of Members and Owners of each yacht including boat name type and size. The Roster shall be mailed to each member by the first week of February with dated Membership card.

Membership Director: The Membership Director shall send out and receive membership applications and verify that the requirements for membership have been met. Those requirements include one of the following:

1. Slip Ownership

2. Permanent rental of a slip (not just seasonal)

3. Qualifies for absentee membership

The Membership Director shall mail out to all absentee members an application for membership by September 1st of each year, and shall mail out the notices of membership acceptance to the absentee members by November 1st each year. When all requirements have been met, the Membership Director shall forward the new members’ information to the Secretary, Webmaster and Commodore, and will forward the dues checks to the Treasurer. The Membership Director is in charge of purchasing name tags and burgees and delivering them by the most convenient method to the new member. The Membership Director will present a report of membership statistics at the Annual Meeting.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall: 1-deposit all incoming funds and disburse funds as approved by the Bridge; 2-be a signer on the FBYC checking account; 3-keep accurate records of all funds and transactions; 4-prepare a written report on the financial status of FYBC for presentation at General, Annual and Bridge meetings; 5-prepare and present the annual budget to the Bridge.

Vacancies: The Flag Officers may progress through the chairs. Should a vacancy occur in the Flag Officers or other Bridge Officers, it may be filled by advancement through the chairs, or another member of FBYC may be appointed to fill the vacancy. These actions must be approved by a majority vote of the FBYC Bridge.

Membership Policy

There are four categories of FBYC membership:

Owner Members: Owners of moorage at Skyline Marine Condominium Division #18, are automatically members of the Flounder Bay Yacht Club. Upon termination of ownership, membership shall cease at the next FBYC annual meeting.

Annual Renter Members: Permanent renters of moorage may be eligible for membership each year they rent a berth in SMCA #18. Dues and eligibility for annual membership shall be determined by the FBYC Bridge. Upon termination of the rental agreement, membership shall cease at the next FBYC annual meeting. The first application for annual membership, if approved and paid, provides for two individuals and two membership cards. Each subsequent membership and card requires an approved and paid application. Membership is not available to charters or a charter boat business. Burgees and nametags are available to FBYC members only. A burgee may be purchased for the tradition of exchanging burgees with other yacht clubs.

Absentee Members: A limited number of non-owner/non-renter members may be set aside for each calendar year. Absentee Members shall be reviewed by FBYC’s Bridge. All applications will be presented to the SMCA #18 Board for final approval. FBYC will mail applications to absentee members annually and in time to have them completed and presented to the SMCA #18 Board two weeks prior to the annual meeting of each year. Absentee Membership Guidelines as set by SMCA #18 are:

1 The applicant is a current or past FBYC Bridge officer,

2. The applicant has significantly contributed to FBYC activities during the past season,

3. The applicant demonstrates interest in significantly contributing to FBYC activities in the current season. Significant contributions might include sponsoring or cosponsoring on-shore or off-shore events or helping in a meaningful way, not just attending events.

Lifetime Members: Lifetime Memberships are awarded by SMCA #18.

Flag Etiquette

The United States flag is the senior flag and is flown on the ensign staff. Sailboats may sew their national flag to the leach of the mainsail on sloops or the mizzen on ketches or yawls. They may also use the after backstays of same. The United States yacht ensign (the 50-star field replaced by a fouled anchor in a circle of 13 stars) may replace the United States flag ONLY on U.S. Coast Guard-documented vessels and ONLY upon the territorial water of the U.S. The above colors are only made during daylight hours. Morning colors are made at 0800 hours March through October and are struck at sunset. The next most senior flag is the yacht club burgee. The burgee is flown at the main masthead or starboard halyard. Where there is no mast, then from the bow staff or over the wheelhouse. It may be left in position day and night. If the yachtsman is a member of more than one yacht club, it is customary to fly the burgee of the club at which his yacht is moored. It is incorrect for a yacht to display more than one club burgee. Next in order of seniority to be flown from the starboard halyard is the flag officer’s flag, past officer’s flag, the Power Squadron and/or Coast Guard Auxiliary flags, personal flags & signals and the foreign courtesy flag. In foreign waters it is a mark of courtesy (not required) to fly the ensign of the country being visited in the position described above.

Note: The foreign courtesy flag is flown only in foreign waters and is struck immediately upon returning to U.S. territorial waters. It is NEVER proper to fly any foreign ensign below the United States flag. Flag officer’s flags may be flown continuously day and night when the officer is on board or absent for short periods ashore. The port spreader is reserved for signal flags such as “pilot aboard,” “fueling,” “quarantine,” “dragging anchor,” etc.

* The above information was condensed from the Yachting Signal Book by J.R. Collier, Canadian Yacht Flags and Ensigns by Dr. McKenzie and the April 1992 Main-Sheet published by The Royal Victoria Yacht Club.

Reciprocal Moorage Agreements

Open an account at for more information Log onto, Click the “open account” button in the upper right-hand corner, follow the step by step instructions. When you log onto the site again the FBYC page will come up with all our reciprocal information.

Our Reciprocal Program is available by way of (see instructions above). This new system is much more accurate and up-to-date, not to mention packed with useful information to make your cruising safe and trouble free. Please give it a try. It is free of charge. If your planned cruise will not allow you internet connections, do a little homework before you go, search the participating clubs in the area you are going (easy to do) and print the information to keep on board. If you have favorites, check to make sure they are still partners and print their current information. You will find this new system quite beneficial for users and administrators…..Give it a try… And Go Cruise

To download a printable file of this information, click on: FBYC Policy Statement.pdf

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